Things To Know About Teeth Whitening

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Never leave the house without a smile on your face. Why not use your whitest grin for it? Brightening your teeth with professional whitening is a common and successful method. Do you want to have a teeth whitening dentist in Sunnyvale? Your dentist at Smile Savers Dental can advise whether teeth whitening is right for you or whether another cosmetic dentistry procedure would be preferable. Here are six things concerning teeth whitening dentist Sunnyvale you should be aware of before making a choice.

Extrinsic and intrinsic stains are both targets of professional teeth whitening.

Extrinsic stains, or the stains on the exterior of your teeth, are what toothpaste and other whitening products from drugstores are designed to remove. Professional teeth bleaching penetrates the tooth deeply to remove both intrinsic and external stains. Surface stains that have penetrated deeply into the pores of your teeth are known as intrinsic stains. The outcome? was a more durable, whiter grin.

Your Dental Health Is Important

Before having your teeth professionally whitened, you must have healthy teeth. If you have gum disease, decay, cracks, infections, or any other oral health concerns, visit your dentist to get these addressed first. You may still have your teeth whitened even if you have one of these dental issues. You’ll have to wait, that’s all.

The Majority Of The Time, Teeth Whitening Services Does Not Harm Teeth

Your teeth can suffer from misuse or excess, just like everything else. However, if your teeth are professionally whitened, there is no need for concern. The procedure will help get rid of the stains in your teeth. Your teeth will naturally rehydrate and remineralize after the operation.

Some People Are Not Able To Whiten Their Teeth

The hue of dentin is often yellow. However, each person’s level of yellow intensity is different. Therefore, teeth whitening will be ineffective if your teeth are naturally more yellow. Porcelain veneers could be a preferable choice in this situation. With porcelain veneers, your dentist will bind a thin ceramic shell-like covering to the front of your tooth as a cosmetic dentistry operation.

You Decide How Long Your Pearly White Grin Will Last

Healthy teeth are not necessarily white. As a result, you will still need to maintain appropriate oral hygiene, including brushing and flossing daily. Additionally, it is advised that you schedule routine cleanings at your regular dentist’s office every six months. The benefits of teeth whitening will last longer if you follow these tips and improve your teeth’ health.

The Whitening Agent Is The Secret To Success

Both over-the-counter whitening products and laser whitening are effective. However, the effect is frequently transient, and sensitivity is more likely. These procedures often only remove superficial stains from teeth, not those that are deeply embedded. Your dentist will use a bleaching chemical during the teeth whitening process to penetrate deeply into the pores of your teeth and give you whiter teeth from the inside out.