Teeth Whitening and Teeth Straightening In Sunnyvale

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Teeth whitening dentists have become one of the most sought-after dentists in the world nowadays. With everybody wanting that glowing set of teeth, its demand has increased manifold over the years with the advent of newer technologies and better procedures for the same. Or they might perhaps need whitening of the teeth due to the natural process of loss of color of teeth with age or bad oral hygiene habits. 

It is understandable and natural as with age-even though the teeth are naturally white-they might imbibe a yellowish hue. As time passes, due to regular brushing and age, the outer layer of the white part of the teeth gets rubbed away. As a result, the teeth start to lose their color. However, the discoloration is further accelerated if the eating habits are not kept in check. For instance, cold beverages like sodas, alcohol, etc., have dye or color pigments (chromogens) in them that attach to the white part of the teeth and thus are responsible for facilitating the discoloration process. Thus, consumption of such items can prove detrimental and one of the causes for the change in color of your teeth. Apart from this, other factors including, trauma, tobacco consumption, can contribute to the cause as well.

To counter these, teeth whitening processes have been adopted wherein whitening products like bleaching agents, toothpaste, strips, gels, etc.are used. Here, the products contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The stains on the teeth develop over time, or the tiny cracks on teeth: are filled by these agents, thus making the teeth appear whiter. However, it is imperative to note that not all products are the same. There exists a difference between bleaching of teeth and whitening of teeth. The former contains bleach to get the teeth whiter, while the latter includes anything (not necessarily bleach) from toothpaste to brushes.

It is always better to take an opinion of a good dentist before going through with the process. Fear not if you are looking for teeth straightening in Sunnyvale, for us here at Smile Savers Dental have got all the answers to your queries. So what are you waiting for: Visit us today!